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Yesenia Torres is a woman “Destined to be reborn” because, in 1995, she suffered a car accident that left her body permanently paralyzed while traveling in the United States. At twenty-one years old, this Colombian-American woman never thought her life would take an unexpected turn.

Against all odds, Yesenia decided to cling to life and continue during the chaos and struggles she has had to overcome daily since her mobility and autonomy were stopped at a crucial moment. However, it was then in the middle of this situation who decided to put a stop to his disability and reinvent herself to leave a legacy on wheels, sharing through his testimony her optimism and reinvention in different parts of the world, where he has become a coach and inspiration for hundreds of young people that have disability conditions, and stopped dreaming.

Yesenia launched her first book, a best-seller, at book fairs and digital platforms. Now, it is the turn of the second of this trilogy titled “Despite the Shadows,” which she hopes will captivate and move the fibers of the intimacy of her readers to reaffirm that nothing is impossible.

In the last seven years, she has dedicated herself to serving as an activist for the rights of people with disabilities and accessibility in New York City, achieving notable changes in state legislation, holding conferences where she explains and teaches the laws that protect people with disabilities, she has been recognized by the Colombian consul in New York as an outstanding woman who contributes to the empowerment of the community.



24 MARCH, 2022

The International Women’s Summit for Human Rights certifies Yesenia Torres for her outstanding participation as a panelist.

29 MAY, 2022

Gaia Ecoversity certifies Yesenia Torres as a Coach in Energy Biosanation.

19 OCT, 2022

Holistic Coach Training Institute awards Yesenia Torres as Coach Education.

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